Breaking the Mold: Crown Royal Black’s Bold Whisky Revolution – Whiskey Review

Rating 5/10 (Rating System)

Introduction: Crown Royal Black embodies a departure from the traditional Crown Royal style, showcasing a more assertive and robust character. This expression, introduced in 2010, sought to cater to whisky enthusiasts desiring a bolder experience within the Crown Royal family. Crafted by master blenders, it’s a blend of select Canadian whiskies, aged in charred oak barrels, resulting in a deeper complexity and intensified flavor profile. The whiskey’s name, “Black,” aptly signifies its darker, richer nature compared to the flagship Crown Royal, appealing to those seeking a more pronounced whisky experience without compromising the brand’s renowned smoothness.

Eye: Deep amber with glints of copper.

Nose: Aromas of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramelized sugar dominate, accompanied by hints of dried fruit and a subtle whiff of spice.

Palate: The palate unfolds with a robust blend of oak and vanilla, merging seamlessly with notes of dark fruit, toffee, and a touch of baking spices. It’s a well-balanced combination that leans toward a richer, heavier profile.

Finish: The finish lingers with warmth and a lingering sweetness, leaving behind echoes of oak and caramel.

Conclusion: Crown Royal Black stands out for its boldness and deeper flavor profile. It’s a whiskey that caters to those seeking a more intense experience within the Crown Royal range.


Category: Canadian Whisky
ABV: 45%
Eye: Deep amber with copper hues.
Nose: Toasted oak, vanilla, caramelized sugar, hints of dried fruit, and subtle spice.
Taste: Robust oak, vanilla, dark fruit, toffee, and baking spices.
Finish: Lingering warmth, sweetness, with echoes of oak and caramel.

History and Fun Facts: The creation of Crown Royal Black was a strategic move by the brand to expand its portfolio and capture a segment of the market that craved a more robust Canadian whisky. This extension marked a departure from the traditional Crown Royal recipe, emphasizing deeper flavors and a higher proof. It capitalized on the success of the original Crown Royal, leveraging its reputation while offering a distinct, fuller-bodied alternative. The whiskey has since carved a niche for itself among aficionados who appreciate its intensified oak, vanilla, and fruit-forward profile, elevating the expectations of what a Crown Royal expression could offer.

Interestingly, the packaging of Crown Royal Black mirrors its boldness. The bottle’s design, with its sleek black label and rich golden accents, exudes a sense of sophistication and strength. Its introduction was met with enthusiasm among whisky enthusiasts, positioning it as a go-to choice for those seeking a more robust yet familiar Canadian whisky experience. Over the years, Crown Royal Black has maintained its place as a staple in the brand’s lineup, continuing to attract consumers drawn to its amplified flavor profile and the enduring legacy of the Crown Royal name.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon – A Bold and Complex Delight – Whiskey Review

Rating 5/10 (Rating System)


Buffalo Trace Bourbon, a true American classic, beckons the discerning whiskey enthusiast with its rich history and exceptional craftsmanship. This revered bourbon’s deep amber hue serves as the first glimpse into the profound depths of flavor that await. As the nose encounters its inviting embrace, you’re welcomed by an intriguing blend of spice, oak, and fruit, with a subtle hint of apple, revealing its bold characteristics. The palate unfolds with a delightful interplay of sweet and spicy notes, a touch of toffee, and just a hint of caramel, allowing the whiskey’s natural complexities to shine. Yet, it’s in the finish where Buffalo Trace truly excels, offering a warm, long-lasting embrace with lingering rye notes and a subtle touch of pepper, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. Join us on a journey as we explore the captivating essence of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, a testament to the artistry of distillation and aging.


Buffalo Trace Bourbon pours into the glass with a mesmerizing deep amber hue, offering a glimpse into the world of rich, well-aged whiskey. This striking color promises a rewarding experience to come.


The nose of Buffalo Trace immediately captures the senses with an invigorating blend of spice and oak. The bold characteristics assert themselves, setting the stage for the adventure ahead. As you delve deeper, you’ll uncover a subtle fruitiness, reminiscent of dried fruits, along with a delicate hint of apple, adding a touch of sweetness and complexity to the aroma.


Upon the first sip, Buffalo Trace reveals its multi-layered personality. Sweet and spicy notes intertwine harmoniously on the palate, providing a delightful contrast. While toffee makes a brief appearance, it’s the restrained use of caramel that stands out, allowing the whiskey’s natural flavors to shine through. This combination of flavors creates a captivating and memorable tasting experience.


The finish is where Buffalo Trace Bourbon truly shines. The warmth is palpable, with a long, satisfying linger that invites you to savor every moment. Rye notes persist, adding a distinct spiciness that keeps the taste buds engaged. A subtle touch of pepper emerges towards the end, leaving a final impression that’s as spirited as it is balanced.


Buffalo Trace Bourbon is an embodiment of a masterfully crafted whiskey, offering a journey of complex and bold flavors. Its deep amber appearance is only a hint of the delights that await. With its inviting nose, diverse palate, and enduring finish, this bourbon is sure to leave a lasting mark on those who appreciate the art of whiskey.


Category: Bourbon
ABV: 45%
Eye: Deep amber
: Spice, OAK, Fruit, Hint of apple, Bold characteristic
Taste: Some sweet and spicy notes, Hint of toffee, Very little caramel
Finish: Warm finish, Long finish, Lingering rye notes, A touch of pepper

History and Fun Facts:

Buffalo Trace, a renowned American distillery known for producing exceptional bourbons, is not only famous for its whiskies but also boasts some interesting fun facts:

  1. Historic Distillery: Buffalo Trace is one of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in the United States. Its roots can be traced back to the late 18th century when it was originally established by pioneering distiller Hancock Lee. It has survived various challenges, including Prohibition, making it a living piece of whiskey history.
  2. Namesake: The distillery’s name, Buffalo Trace, is rooted in history. It is believed that American bison (buffalo) once roamed the land, creating a trail that early pioneers and settlers followed. This historic buffalo trace passed through the property, and the distillery adopted the name to honor this legacy.
  3. Whiskey Archeology: Buffalo Trace is famous for its “Bourbon Pompeii” project. In 2016, during renovations, they discovered remnants of a distillery that existed in the 1800s. This groundbreaking find shed light on historical whiskey-making techniques and equipment.
  4. Ghost Tours: The distillery offers ghost tours for those interested in the supernatural. With its long history, it’s no surprise that Buffalo Trace is rumored to have a few resident spirits. Visitors can explore the distillery’s more mysterious side while learning about its past.
  5. Hard-to-Find Bourbon: Buffalo Trace produces several highly sought-after bourbons, including the elusive Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve. These limited-edition releases are a source of fascination for whiskey collectors and enthusiasts, often fetching high prices on the secondary market.
  6. Multiple Awards: Buffalo Trace’s whiskies have consistently received prestigious awards and accolades over the years. These include recognition at events like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Whisky Advocate’s “American Whiskey of the Year.”
  7. Distillery Cats: Like many distilleries, Buffalo Trace has its share of resident feline “distillery cats.” These cats are known to keep the distillery free from rodents and have become beloved mascots among the staff and visitors.

These fun facts add depth to the story of Buffalo Trace, a distillery deeply intertwined with American whiskey heritage and an exciting destination for enthusiasts looking to explore the world of bourbon.

Other Canadian Review(s)

Clear golden amber colour; floral, caramel, vanilla and citrus aromas; rich, elegant caramel and spice flavours; well balanced

BC Liquor Store
94 Points, Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2022: “Fresh grainy aromas are clean and well balanced. Pleasantly light in the mouth, the flavors gradually turn more robust and they evolve, showing off dried cherry and peach pit, baking spice, light maple, and a hint of char. A classic.”

Bold and Fiery: JP Wiser Special Blend – A Cinnamon Explosion! 🔥 – Whiskey Review

Rating 3/10 (Rating System)

JP Wiser’s Special Blend presents a robust and intense nose, characterized by a powerful and somewhat burning aroma. The spicy notes dominate, with a hard-hitting cinnamon presence that immediately grabs your attention. While intriguing, the nose might be a bit overwhelming for those seeking a more subtle whisky experience.

On the palate, the burning sensation persists, giving way to a fiery and spicy feeling. The whisky leaves a tingling sensation around the palate, indicating its strength and boldness. However, the harsh taste might not be to everyone’s liking, as it lacks the smoothness and refinement typically associated with whiskey. It deviates from the classic whiskey profile and feels more like a potent and intense spirit.

As for the finish, it’s relatively short-lived, with the burning sensation lingering in the mouth. The intensity doesn’t extend into a prolonged aftertaste, which might disappoint enthusiasts seeking a lasting and complex finish.

In summary, JP Wiser’s Special Blend stands out for its strong and spicy aroma, but it might be too overpowering for those looking for a more balanced and mellow whiskey experience. The burning sensation on the palate and the lack of a prolonged finish detract from its appeal as a traditional whiskey. If you prefer bold and intense spirits with a pronounced cinnamon kick, this could be an interesting option. However, for those seeking a classic, smooth whiskey profile, this might not be the best fit.

Category: Canadian Whiskey
ABV: 40%
Nose: Strong aroma, Burning feeling in nose, Spicy aroma, Hard cinnamon
Taste: Burning sensation is there, Spicy feeling, Tingling sensation around the palate, Harsh taste, Not feeling like whiskey at all
Finish: Not very long finish, Burning lasts in mouth 

History and Fun Facts:
J.P. Wiser’s Special Blend carries the legacy of J.P. Wiser, a pioneer in Canadian whiskey-making. Established in the mid-19th century, J.P. Wiser’s distillery has weathered the tides of time, becoming an integral part of Canada’s rich whiskey heritage. The Special Blend is a homage to Wiser’s commitment to quality and innovation, combining a selection of meticulously aged whiskies that capture the essence of Canadian craftsmanship. This expression showcases the artistry of blending, offering a smooth, approachable profile that embodies the traditions and expertise passed down through generations in the pursuit of creating exceptional Canadian whiskey.

Wiser’s Special Blend Whisky is handmade in Canada using traditional methods and ingredients. Golden amber and fragrant with honey, vanilla and cloves, it’s smooth and clean on the palate with a hint of spice on the finish. A signature introduction to the Wiser’s line best enjoyed straight or in a whisky cocktail.

BC Liquor Store
A smooth mellow Canadian whisky that reveals a deep gold colour and suggests a hint of spice, vanilla and oak. Its subtle sweetness delivers a full finish that is clean and compact.