Unveiling Little Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish”: A BBQ-Infused Whiskey Journey – Whiskey Review

Rating 7/10 (Rating System)


Little Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish” presents itself with a delicate yet captivating nose. The first impression offers a subtle waft of light cinnamon that intertwines harmoniously with the comforting aroma of toasted almonds. The nose carries a medium to high intensity, inviting you to explore further. Just beneath the surface, there’s a hint of BBQ smoke, adding an unexpected and intriguing layer to the olfactory experience. This initial scent promises a unique and complex journey ahead.


Upon the first sip, the whiskey’s profile unfolds with a captivating blend of sweet and savory spices that dance on the palate. The flavors, dominated by a distinct BBQ essence, hold their ground and develop over the tasting. This savory quality creates a delightful contrast with the underlying sweetness, keeping your taste buds engaged and intrigued. Amidst the symphony of flavors, a subtle hint of oak emerges, offering a foundation that enhances the overall complexity.


The finish of Little Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish” is a testament to its name. It lingers gracefully, carrying a long-lasting warmth that envelopes the senses. The BBQ flavors that were prominent on the palate continue to evolve during the finish, creating a memorable and evolving farewell. This extended finale provides ample opportunity to savor each nuance and allows the whiskey’s character to linger in a satisfying manner.

Overall, Little Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish” offers a distinctive tasting experience with its balanced interplay of spices, BBQ notes, and subtle oak. The nose presents an intriguing invitation, while the palate maintains interest with its sweet and savory complexity. The finish, undoubtedly the highlight, leaves a lasting impression with its prolonged warmth and evolving flavors. While not without its complexities, some drinkers might find the BBQ notes a bit dominant. However, for those seeking a whiskey that pushes the boundaries and offers a unique adventure, Little Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish” certainly delivers. With its intriguing mix of flavors and a captivating finish, it earns a solid rating of 7/10.

Category: American Whiskey
ABV: 58.7% Vol
Nose: Light cinnamon, Toasted almonds, Medium to high intensity, Hint of BBQ
Taste: Sweet & Savory spices, Flavors (mostly BBQ) last, Hint of Oak
Finish: Long finish (with warmth)

This one-of-a-kind series features unique cask-strength whiskies that are masterfully blended resulting in Chapter 6 ‘To The Finish’. Complex aromas of savoury and sweet mingle expertly among the notes of charred oak. Rich toasted grain with sweet wood smoke on the palate, finishing with a robust and balanced sweetness.

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Full bodied, caramelized oak with hints of sweet baking spices.