Regal Reverie: Unveiling the Majesty of Royal Salute 21 Years – The Signature Blend – Whiskey Review

Rating 6/10 (Rating System)

Royal Salute 21 years, The Signature Blend, stands as a testament to the artistry of time-honored whiskey craftsmanship. This distinguished expression, conceived to commemorate the auspicious coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, embodies the essence of regality and refinement. Its creation is a meticulous blend of heritage, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, resulting in a whiskey that embodies the grace and sophistication expected from a tribute to royalty. Aged for a minimum of 21 years, it unveils a story steeped in tradition, luxury, and a legacy that resonates across generations of whiskey aficionados and admirers of royal splendor alike.

Rich amber with golden hues, gleaming and inviting.

The aroma opens with a bouquet of dried fruits – apricots, figs, and hints of ripe plum. Intricately woven into this are nuances of oak, honey, and a faint waft of delicate spices, offering a sense of depth and complexity.

Upon the palate, this whiskey presents a symphony of flavors. Creamy caramel intertwines with notes of dried fruits, followed by a gentle flourish of almonds and a subtle touch of cinnamon. The oakiness remains pronounced, complementing the sweetness with a refined elegance.

The finish is long and luxurious, leaving a warm and lingering sensation. Oak and vanilla dance gracefully alongside remnants of dried fruits, bidding a farewell that is both memorable and satisfying.

Royal Salute 21 years, The Signature Blend, is an exemplary whiskey that lives up to its prestigious reputation. Its harmonious blend of flavors, from the initial nose to the enduring finish, embodies sophistication and finesse.

Category: Blended Scotch Whiskey
ABV: 40%
Eye: Rich amber with golden hues
Nose: Dried fruits, oak, honey, delicate spices
Taste: Caramel, dried fruits, almonds, cinnamon, oak
Finish: Long, warm, oak, vanilla, dried fruits

History and Fun Facts:
The Royal Salute brand was first introduced by Chivas Brothers in 1953, paying homage to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Its name is derived from the 21-gun salute, a traditional military honor used to mark the most prestigious royal occasions in the United Kingdom.

Crafted by the master blender, Royal Salute’s Signature Blend signifies not just age, but also a meticulous selection of exceptional malt and grain whiskies aged for a minimum of 21 years. Each variant within the Royal Salute range carries its unique significance, often linked to historical events or milestones in the monarchy’s history.

The packaging itself exudes opulence, with handcrafted porcelain flagons adorned with a rich color scheme representing the jewels in the Imperial State Crown. These flagons are meticulously crafted and elegantly presented in velvet-lined boxes, reminiscent of the grandeur and sophistication befitting royalty.

Beyond its symbolic ties to the monarchy, Royal Salute has become synonymous with luxury and excellence in the world of whiskey connoisseurs. Its legacy continues to thrive, captivating enthusiasts with its refined taste and commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Interestingly, Royal Salute has been celebrated globally, gracing esteemed events and commemorations worldwide, reaffirming its status as a whiskey fit for royal toasts and special occasions.